Christian Mission Hr. Sec. School

Motto: Knowledge Love Serve

Nagaland Childrens' Home Celebrated 50 Years Golden Jubilee

About Us

Nagaland Childrens’ Home School was establish in the year 1972 with the motto “Love Towards Humanity” by Late Mr. S.P. Wetsah the proprietor of the school and later in 1973 it was recognized by Education Department, Directorate, Government of Nagaland. The school which is a non – profit institute for the poor children from nursery stage upward. The school grounded in the biblical Christian faith is part and partial of the home. The projects strive to build lives which will reflect both culture and character to inspire a spirit of service which will honour and fear the creator of all and benefit the man, every child in the home shall compulsorily attend to his/ her school education. Nagaland Childrens’ Home School was permitted to run class 9 in the academic year 1984 and class 10 in 1985 by Mr. K. Peseye (Director of Education Nagaland Kohima). In the year 1991 January 16th the nomenclature Nagaland Childrens’ Home School was changed to Christian Mission School Diphupar with the motto “knowledge Love Serve”.

Our Aim

  • We aim to provide proper quality education by imparting comprehensive knowledge and wisdom.
  • We aim to ensure to provide quality teaching through qualified teachers.
  • We aim to bring students under one motto, “KNOWLEDGE, LOVE, SERVE”, as to bring unity socially and individually.
  • We also aim to provide integral development of an individual character in terms of personal guidance and needs.


The school follows a comprehensive course of studies, which conform to the latest trends in child education. The course of studies is in accordance with the syllabus and requirements of the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE). The medium of instructions is English, and special care is given to the study of Hindi.

providing quality education since 1972


Located at D-Khel, 4th Mile, Diphupar, Chumoukedima: Nagaland with safe and ideal spacious compound. The school is accessable for the students and it is walkable from National Highway 29.