School Founder

Short Profile

Lt. Soyielo P Wetsah was born on 24th May, 1931 at Chizami village, Phek District Nagaland to Lt. Kekhwetso Wetsah and Zutsonyi-u Kenye. He is blessed with 9 children and 30 grandchildren. He passed away on 19th November, 2013.

Early Life

He became Christian in the year 1946 at the age of 15 years. He first joined Lower Primary school in 1940 and by January 1958, he was among the early educated Nagas selected as tribal representative to meet the Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. Rajendra Prasad. After returning from Delhi, he got admitted in St. Anthony’s at Shillong in February, 1958.

Contribution in Education

Lt. Soyielo P Wetsah being a social reformer had a vision towards our society. During the midst of Naga Political turmoil around 1960s, he witnessed that many children were left uncared and many more were thrown under the poverty line. Therefore with the need of security and care for children in 1968, CHILDRENS’ HOME was established at Chizami. But due to communication problem, he had to shift to Dimapur on 1st June, 1971 with his family. Children Home was again set up under the name NAGALAND CHILDRENS’ HOME at Diphupar bearing registration no. 636 dt. 6.3.72.

Nagaland Childrens’ Home was established in 1972, and with the phase of time School was also set up in 1973 and it was recognized as CHRISTIAN MISSION SCHOOL, from nursery to class-10 recognized by Education Department, Directorate, and Government of Nagaland.  And later in 2015,  the School was upgraded to HR. SEC.


  • Nagaland Social Service Award in 1998 by the Department of Social Security and Welfare, Govt of Nagaland.
  • Bharat Excellence Award by the Friendship Forum of India (FFI) for his outstanding services and achievement and contribution to Social Services.
  • Certificate of Honor in the Service of Rural India in 2008: by the Confederation of NGO’s of Rural India.
  • He was the interim President of Federation of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Asia (FITPA)- A recognized NGO by the United Nations till his death.

Other Contributions


-Joint Secretary of the Chakesang Student’s Union.


-Joint Secretary of the Naga Army Organization, Federal Govt. of Nagaland.


-Hongking state as Minister’s advisor and corresponding Secretary