Admission Criteria

Criteria for Admission

  • Transfer cases may be taken at any time of the year provided the case is genuine, for which a copy of the transfer order must accompany the request for admission.
  • Direct admission may be taken at the discretion of the Principal depending on the availability of seats in the class to which admission is sought.

Criteria for Withdrawals

  • Students should put up application for Transfer Certificate.
  • One month notice should normally be given by the parents before withdrawal of a student and issue of the transfer certificate.
  • Incase no notice is given prior to one month ahead charges will apply accordingly.
  • A nominal fee as decided by the Managing Committee is charged.

Registration Does Not Guarantee Admission

  • A DATE OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE from Municipal, authorities Gram Pradhan etc. must be submitted for LKG & UKG and pupil Cumulative Record for classes 1 to 12 at the time of admission.
  • One recent passport size photograph is to be attached. CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR PARENTS FOR ADMISSION.
  • Both parents and students must attend the interaction with the Principal. Only names of those children passing the eligibility criteria will be displayed on the notice board. Admissions are done on a first come first serve basis depending on the number of sits available in the class for which admission is sought.
  • Any fees, once paid are not refundable.
  • Decisions of the Principal and the Managing Board, in all matters concerning the school will be treated as final.